Komptech Separators

Komptech Separators


The Hurrikan wind sifters provide effective removal of plastic film from screen overflow. They work with a patented pressure-suction process that gives the Hurrikan S a separation efficiency of up to 95 percent (up to 90 percent for the Hurrikan). Electric drive of all components ensures top efficiency while offering many control possibilities. Magnetic and roller separators can further enhance the quality of the recyclable output.

Hurrikan Stationary

The stationary Hurrikan high-performance windsifter allows effective cleaning of over-sized screened particles. The unit is extremely compact for a windsifter and can be integrated easily into a system chain. The patented “pressure-suction” principle is used to separate plastic with a high degree of selectivity.


The new Hurrifex combines a stone separator and wind sifter in a single machine. This makes it possible to clean compost and biomass fractions of stones and light materials – primarily plastic film – in one pass. Easily adjustable separation parameters give the Hurrifex a wide range of applications, and a separation efficiency of more than 90 percent. All components are electrically powered, from grid power or with the on-board diesel generator. Maintenance doors in the cladding provide full access to all maintenance positions. In addition to the stationary version, there are mobile centre axle trailer and semitrailer versions.


The mobile stone separator Stonefex removes reliably and very effectively stones and inert items from biomass fuels. A patented system of pressure and suction blowers generates exactly the right air flow in the expansion chamber to remove stones and heavy objects from wood. The outcome is a fuel nearly free of stones which can be sold at a higher price. Furthermore fractions that were previously unusable due to their high amount of stones can now be processed into fuel.


The Ballistor is used to separate out usable fractions from waste and potential recyclables. By combining ballistic separation with screening, separation is performed in one operation in accordance with the criteria 3/2-dimensional, rolling-cubic-rigid/flat-soft-narrow, or undersized/oversized particles. With a choice of separation into three or four fractions, five sizes and many options, the Ballistor separator can be configured to suit the application.