Komptech Drum Screens


Komptech Drum Screens


For higher throughput and more demanding screening requirements, the Primus is the next step up. Boasting sturdy, robust components and innovative features, it excels in screening performance and operating efficiency. The Primus is the right solution for smaller and mid-sized composting and treatment plants, as well as for getting into the contracting business.


The Maxx drum screen was built for use in mid to large-sized composting operations. Its rugged construction and high-performance components make it suitable for almost any screen application and it is a professional solution for contracting companies. Electrically driven variants are available as alternatives: On the “E“ variants, electric motors are used in place of hydraulic drives. Power comes directly from the mains or, when required, is produced by an integrated diesel generator. The electric mode yields a reduction in energy consumption and results in savings in replacement/consumable parts and servicing costs.


With the Nemus 2700, Komptech is launching a new generation of mobile hydraulic drum screens. As the successor to the Mustang the Nemus combines all the positive features and experience of its predecessor, while adding new features from the Cribus series. The large hopper in the design of the Cribus, the screen drum with its improved material feed and the one-piece corrugated edge fines discharge belt harmonize perfectly with the proven, robust diesel-hydraulic drive. Redesigned controls make operation easier, and the extended discharge belts included as standard equipment give more flexibility in use. Practical details like the easy-cleaning two-stage radiator induction screen, larger material intake support wheels and the new low-wear collecting conveyor scraper reflect customer experience.

Cribus 2800

With the largest screening surface for its overall length, the Cribus 2800 sets the standard in the compact class. Its large-diameter drum improves screening performance, and generous spacing between drum and side walls ensures trouble-free screening even for coarse sizes. This opens up a wide range of applications, where the Cribus shines thanks to its easy operation and high economy. One reason is the future-oriented drive system: Everything on the Cribus is driven electrically, from the hopper to the discharge belts

Cribus 3800

The Cribus 3800 redefines the term mobile drum screen. Numerous innovations create a machine with the highest level of functionality and cost-effectiveness and at the same time set new benchmarks. The drive system represents the foundation for the extremely high degree of cost-effectiveness – everything on the Cribus is driven electrically, from the hopper to the discharge belts. This minimizes the energy, wear and servicing costs of the whole machine, supported by the newly developed direct “WHEELGRIP” drum drive.

Cribus 5000

The Cribus 5000 opens up a new dimension in drum screening. 50 square meters of screening area along a 7.7 meter long drum, with a hopper holding over 6.5 m³ make it obvious who we developed this high-performance machine for – users who want high throughput with great screening results, especially with small hole sizes. For that, there is no substitute for drum length. But we did substitute the hydraulic drive – on this model, everything is electric. That minimizes energy, wear, and maintenance costs, and makes the big Cribus one of the most economical machines in its class.


NEMUS 2700XXXX70305,5002,000.002317170
CRIBUS 2800XXX7030/25284,6002,200.002017170
CRIBUS 3800XXX7048/30386,0002,200.002019220
CRIBUS 5000XXX7048/36507,7002,200.002026270