Pipe Bursters & Rammers

PB30 Lightning Burster

The Hammerhead PortaBurst PB30 and PB30 Lightning allow for lateral line bursting with little fuss and the smallest possible surface impact. Utilizing a hydraulic ram and cable design and driven by a small 13 to 20hp power pack, the PB30 delivers 30 tons of pulling force at a rate of about 3 metres per minute. This allows contractors to complete up to 10 residential lateral line replacements a day. Additionally, the PB30 Lightning breaks down into three easy to assemble pieces allowing a single operator to set the machine in place by hand without the need for an excavator or additional man power.

HB5058 Burster

Hammerhead HydroBurst static bursting systems utilize hydraulic rams and light weight threaded pipe to burst larger diameter lines, longer lines, lines in tougher soils, or when upsizing is desired. With units ranging from 50 to 200 tons of pulling force, Hammerhead static bursters can tackle any job.

100XT Burster

Designed with the contractor in mind, the HB100 has the muscle to replace pipes up to 16”(400mm), yet compact enough to efficiently replace pipes as small as 4” (100mm). The versatility of the HB100 allows you to bid a wide range of pipe bursting projects in sewer, water and gas. Slitting accessories are readily available to burst and split the toughest of pipes and repair clamps, including ductile iron and steel.

Bursting Hammers

The Hammerhead Impactor line of Smart Hammers combines proven pneumatic hammer technology with the horizontal directional drill to provide a revolutionary method of installing new pipe or replacing water and wastewater mainline pipes. With Impactor hammers, pipe can be installed or replaced at a faster rate than with traditional systems and with less surface disturbance.


A range of Hammerhead winches are available through ELB Equipment.