The Dominator Waste Depackaging Machine

About Rowan and The Dominator Waste Depackaging Machine:

Rowan is a family run company who pride themselves on their integrity. With 40 years in the industry, they work with their customer’s best interests as our their priority. Rowan has developed The Dominator Waste Depackaging machine, designed to separate outer packaging and its contents. Allowing the reuse of waste that would have otherwise been sent straight to landfill. The machine is also able to depackage wet waste.

With the increasing problem of waste, many companies are finding ways of reusing this waste. Unfortunately, some of this waste can’t be accepted straight into the manufactures process and requires some degree of separation or removal of outer packaging. The waste depackaging process is key to getting suitable material into anaerobic digestion plants and also used in putting food back into animal feeds. The Dominator Waste Depackaging machine is ideally suited for this application. Separated packaging can also then be sent for recycling, further saving waste and potentially adding additional revenue lines.

Rowan equipment is available through ELB Equipment.

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Rowan Dominator Food Waste Depackager

The Dominator waste depackaging machine uses a motor to drive a solid steel shaft lined with paddles, using mechanical and centrifugal forces material is depackaged and forced through a mesh screen. Waste packaging makes its way through the barrel and out through the outlet.


  • Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Depackaging
  • Municipal waste
  • Food Waste
  • Tinned can waste
  • Supermarket waste
  • Plastic bottle waste
  • Plasterboard waste
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    1800Carbon steel15kw shaft mountedUp to 46Up to 4m3/h1800 x 350 Ø
    2500Carbon steel or S Steel22kw to 30kw on belt & pulleyUp to 72Up to 12m3/h2500 x 500 Ø
    3000Carbon steel or S Steel30kw to 45kw on belt & pulleyUp to 78Up to 15m3/h3000 x 500 Ø
    3500Carbon steel or S Steel55kw to 75kw on belt & pulleyUp to 96Up to 20m3/h3500 x 660 Ø

    For more information on the Rowan Dominator Waste Depackager machine please visit the Rowan Website